Encouragement from A Place Called Heaven

As we face the realities of our broken world, we reach out for some hope to hold on to. The greatest hope we have is the promise of heaven. But what do we actually know about what awaits us after this life is over? With powerful biblical truths drawn from his bestselling book A Place Called Heaven, Dr. Robert Jeffress offers you words of comfort, hope, and encouragement. Filled with inspiring Scripture, breathtaking photos, and words of wisdom, this beautiful book is perfect for anyone going through stressful times, struggling with chronic illness, or grieving the loss of a loved one.

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A Place Called Heaven

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Dr. Robert Jeffress breaks down Jesus’s most well-known (yet least-followed) teachings about happiness, faith, relationships, sex, reconciliation, prayer, money, and more.

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Pathway to Victory has launched a brand-new program just for you: Unapologetic — with my daughter, Julia Jeffress Sadler.

I’m so excited to share this podcast and video series with you. On this program, Julia uses her training as a licensed professional counselor, her leadership as the Young Women’s Minister at First Baptist Dallas, and her great sense of humor to provide bold truth for a broken world for today’s young women.

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