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Proclaim the Gospel Matching Challenge

Let the light of the gospel shine twice as far!

“I can’t think of a better Christmas gift this season than proclaiming the desperately needed gospel message of hope and encouragement to a nation in need.”
—Dr. Robert Jeffress

You Can Pray Big Things

Beautifully illustrated • full-color • 32-page book

“Introduce a young child you love to the power of prayer through You Can Pray Big Things. This brand-new, beautifully illustrated, biblically sound children’s book will help get them into the habit of bringing everything to our big God.” —Dr. Robert Jeffress

Bible Prophecy Resources

From Dr. Robert Jeffress

When it comes to understanding Bible prophecy, you need answers you can trust. I’ve got a set of biblical resources I would like you to have with my sincere gratitude for your donation to support the mission and ministry of Pathway to Victory.

Pathway To Victory
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Dallas, TX 75222-3609