Pathway to Victory Daily Devotion

Jesus Offers The Only Solution To Sin

August 23, 2019

I used to have a Saturday night ritual of polishing my shoes before Sunday morning. I would sit in front of the television set and work on the shoes I planned to wear on Sunday morning.

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Jesus Offers A Superior Promise

August 22, 2019

In Hebrews 8, we learn that Jesus not only has performed a superior work and presides over a superior covenant, but He also offers a superior promise to that of the Old Testament priests.

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Jesus Presides Over A Superior Covenant

August 21, 2019

Hebrews 8:6 tells us that Jesus is superior to the Old Testament priests because He presides over a superior covenant with God:

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Jesus Has Performed A Superior Work

August 20, 2019

In Hebrews 8, we see that Jesus has performed a superior work to the Old Testament priests. Verse 1 says Jesus completed His sacrificial work:

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The Real Thing

August 19, 2019

Many years ago, when I was a youth pastor, our biggest event of the year was our Halloween celebration. We would take busloads of students to a farmhouse we had turned into a haunted house.

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The Implication Of Melchizedek’s Superior Priesthood

August 16, 2019

What does Hebrews 7 have to do with you and me today? In verses 11-19, the writer explained two applications of this passage for us. I will summarize them with two theological truths.

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The Authentication Of Melchizedek’s Superior Priesthood

August 15, 2019

How do we know Melchizedek, and therefore Jesus, is superior to Aaron and the Old Testament priests? In Hebrews 7, the writer said that Melchizedek collected a tithe from Abraham.

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Limitations Of The Old Testament Priests

August 14, 2019

What were the limitations of the Old Testament priests? First, their qualification was superficial. All you needed was the right genealogy. You had to be a descendant of Aaron, Moses’ brother who was the first of the high priests.

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