You Can Pray Big Things


Introduce a young child you love to the power of prayer through You Can Pray Big Things. This brand-new, beautifully illustrated, biblically sound children’s book will help get them into the habit of bringing everything to our big God.

“My wonderful parents taught me as a little girl that I could ‘pray big things.’ Let me help you pass this valuable message along to the children in your life this Christmas.”

—Julia Jeffress Sadler, host of Unapologetic

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  • 32-beautifully illustrated pages, full-color inside and out
  • A reliable, biblically-sound book you can reach for to help introduce prayer to your child or grandchild before bedtime prayers
  • Can be read by a child or a parent or grandparent can read it to a child before bedtime, makes an ideal Christmas gift
  • Includes supporting Scripture references Ideal to read with your child or grandchild before bedtime prayers
  • Use as a biblical resource with your child during church service

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