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Series: America and the Bible

The New Moral (Dis)Order

As you read the headlines these days, our country seems to be spiraling deeper and deeper into moral decline. Behaviors that were taboo fifty years ago are now widely accepted

Series: America and the Bible

To Obey Or Not To Obey?

America was originally founded as a Christian nation. Yet in recent decades, politicians have started to dismantle our country’s biblical foundation and establish laws that are hostile toward Christian values.

Series: America and the Bible

Christians in the Crosshairs

Jesus told His disciples what would happen to those who follow Him: “In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) Many Christians

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Miracles in American History

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Series: Not All Roads Lead to Heaven

Are Children Who Die In Heaven?

It’s a highly charged and emotional issue: What happens to children who pass away before they’re able to place their trust in Jesus? What about infants? Or unborn children? Dr.

Series: Not All Roads Lead to Heaven

The World’s Most Famous Jew Who Found Jesus

Is it anti-Semitic to tell a devout follower of Judaism that unless he trusts in Christ as his Savior he is destined for Hell? Not according to the three most

Series: Not All Roads Lead to Heaven

Jews Who Were for Jesus

Many Christians agree that followers of other religions will not be saved. But what about those who believe in the God of the Bible? Dr. Robert Jeffress addresses the topic

Series: Not All Roads Lead to Heaven

The Intolerant Christ

Over the centuries, countless individuals have shared their thoughts and opinions on Christianity. But no matter how popular one person’s viewpoint is, it’s important to base your beliefs on what

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