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An urgent call to reclaim the message of salvation

Not All Roads Lead To Heaven

Sharing an Exclusive Jesus in an Inclusive World

Did you know that almost 60 percent of those in American evangelical churches believe that many religions can lead to eternal life. But if Jesus is to be trusted when He says that no one comes to the Father except through Him, the church is failing in its mission. And it’s not hard to guess why. An exclusive Jesus just isn’t popular in our inclusive world.

True compassion for non-Christians lies not in letting them go their way while we go ours but rather in sharing the only true way with them. Dr. Robert Jeffress calls on Christians to recover the exclusive claims of the One whom they trust as Lord and Savior, not as a way to keep people out of heaven but as the only way to invite them in. He tackles questions such as

  • Can people be saved who have never heard of Christ?
  • What about those who worship God by another name?
  • Do all children go to heaven when they die?

If you want to confidently and compassionately share the one true way of salvation with those in your life, or if you simply need to restore your confidence in the gospel message, Not All Roads Lead To Heaven is the book and the series for you.

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