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Perfect Ending

Why Your Eternal Future Matters Today

Offering comfort for life’s struggles by elaborating on what the future holds, Perfect Ending gives you peace and assurance regarding how your story will end.


10 Keys To Extraordinary Success From Proverbs

What’s the true secret to genuine success? Thousands of years ago Solomon compiled a book filled with practical insights for success in every area of life: parenting, marriage, vocation, relationships, self-control, and money management, just to mention a few. Solomon’s ancient wisdom holds the key to achieving and enjoying the things we want most in life … and The Solomon Secrets shows you how.

2024 Pathway to Victory Daily Devotional

Perfect for the New Year

This beautiful leather-bound volume has more than 260 devotionals for reading and prayer time, Monday-Friday, 52 weeks of the year. It features a handsome forest green textured leather cover with inlaid wood brown and gold foil and will help to grow your faith throughout the new year.

Not All Roads Lead to Heaven

100 Daily Readings about Our Only Hope for Eternal Life

Based on his popular book Not All Roads Lead to Heaven, this new devotional from Dr. Robert Jeffress offers 100 daily readings to bolster your faith in Jesus and boost your passion for sharing the Good News.


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