America Is a Christian Nation

“America was founded as a Christian nation, and our future success depends upon our country returning to our biblical foundation and being faithful to the eternal truths of God’s Word.”
— Dr. Robert Jeffress

This beautiful, full-color book — filled with inspiration from history and stunning imagery of our great nation — is my gift to you today to thank you for your generous support of Pathway to Victory.

A Brand-New Children’s Book To Reach The Next Generation With The Gospel


10 Bible Lessons For Children From The Parables

I am deeply committed to making a greater impact on children and young adults in an age of rapid and radical cultural decline in our nation. Thank you for standing with Pathway to Victory to advance the gospel to change lives. Together, we will pierce the darkness of our day with the only hope of the world: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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The Complete Growing In Faith Set

I pray these Bible lessons lead the children in your life (and you!) to a deeper faith in Jesus!
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Jesus’s Favorite Stories

Brand-new and just released: Jesus’s Favorite Stories For Kids by Dr. Jeffress. Get your copy of this beautiful, full-illustrated and full-color book based on the parables today.
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America and the Bible

I stand by these words: America was founded as a Christian Nation. Let me share what I’ve discovered with you in the pages of my brand-new, ministry exclusive gift book, America is a Christian Nation.

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America and the bible series and books available now


with Julia Jeffress Sadler

Brand-new Podcast and Video Series

Pathway to Victory has launched a brand-new program just for you: Unapologetic — with my daughter, Julia Jeffress Sadler.

I’m so excited to share this podcast and video series with you. On this program, Julia uses her training as a licensed professional counselor, her leadership as the Young Women’s Minister at First Baptist Dallas, and her great sense of humor to provide bold truth for a broken world for today’s young women.

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