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Heaven Can’t Wait!

Living the Really Good Life Now

Based on his teaching from chapters 3-4 from the book of Colossians, in Heaven Can’t Wait!, Dr. Jeffress teaches you how to develop and maintain an eternal mindset while confined to the everyday responsibilities and temptations of earthly life.

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How To Make Wise Decisions

An inspiring and practical book and series from Dr. Robert Jeffress—How To Make Wise Decisions—available as a soft-cover book and DVD Video and MP3-format audio disc teaching series.
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Heaven Can’t Wait!

Request Dr. Jeffress’ book, Heaven Can’t Wait!, and the series on Colossians 3-4 on DVD video and MP3-format audio disc.
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Heaven Can’t Wait—the book and the series on Colossians 3-4 on dvd video and mp3-format audio disc.

Perfect Ending

Offering a powerful look at the future God promises every believer in Christ and comfort for life’s struggles—Perfect Ending: Why Your Eternal Future Matters Today.
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perfect ending—the best-selling book and series on dvd video and mp3-format audio disc.

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