You Can Experience… More Joy in Your Worship, More Power in Your Prayers, More Success Over Your Struggles

I Want More!

Many Christians are seeking more: More joy in their worship, more answers to their prayers, more supernatural power over their habits, more of a sense of God’s presence in their lives. Now there’s a refreshing, Bible-based book designed to help them satisfy their spiritual hunger without embracing the excesses of emotionalism.

In his book, I Want More!, Dr. Robert Jeffress confronts common misunderstandings about the Holy Spirit, and challenges readers to pursue a fresh way of thinking about–and experiencing–God’s supernatural power. He answers questions such as:

  • Why does Sunday morning worship feel more like an endurance contest than a supernatural encounter with God?
  • Why are increasing numbers of Christians losing their struggle against adultery, pornography, and other sexual sins?
  • Why are prayers for supernatural healing and other miracles rarely offered–and if they are offered, rarely answered?
  • Why are Christians increasingly drawn to churches that emphasize experience over exposition?

And, when your gift is $75 or more, you can request the series, Unleashed, on DVD video and MP3-format audio disc.


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and request the book I Want More! and the ministry resource, “The Jesus Map,” and the Unleashed DVD/MP3-formatted audio set.

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