Mysteries of the End Times


In this book, Dr. Jeffress answers five frequently asked questions about the end times, including:
1. America in the End Times: Will America survive into the future? And what side America will be on: the side of Christ or the Antichrist?
2. The Day of the Lord: Understand this event and gain practical insight for how to live in light of this coming day.
3. The Marriage of the Lamb: What events will take place just before the rapture, and what will happen after?
4. Gog and Magog: How can we, today, glorify God in our lives before the appearance of Gog and Magog?
5. The Tree of Life: Discover why, in the New Jerusalem, God has placed the Tree of Life … and find comfort in knowing that life isn’t merely measured in the quantity of our years, but also in the quality of our years.



Dimensions: 6×9

Number of Pages: 124

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