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Mysteries of the End Times

A brand-new prophecy resource from Dr. Robert Jeffress

Studying Bible prophecy — especially the book of Revelation — can be intimidating. The sensational imagery John uses in his revelation feels foreign and sometimes frightening to us. And yet, these spectacular moments in Revelation give us a rare glimpse of Jesus and the kingdom of our God.

This is the promise of the book of Revelation. Far more than just a book filled with mysterious symbols and fantastic future events, Revelation is a book of hope and triumph.

So let me encourage you to become a student of the final conquest of God … and see how this biblical account impacts your life both tomorrow and today.

I’ve prepared a several encouraging and equipping resources that you can request when you give generously to support the broadcast ministry of Pathway to Victory:

  • The book, Mysteries of the End Times: 5 Little Known Truths About God’s Plans for the Future
  • My commentary book, Final Conquest: A verse-by-verse study of the book of Revelation
  • The complete Final Conquest teaching series on DVD video and MP3-format audio disc
  • The full-color booklet, The Major Characters of the End Times
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and request the brand-new booklet, The Major Characters Of The End Times, and the book, The Mysteries Of The End Times.

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and request the Final Conquest commentary book, and the booklet, Bible Prophecy Made Simple.

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