How To Become A Velvet-Covered Brick – 10 pack


When someone calls your Christian beliefs “closed-minded” or challenges the biblical stance on a controversial issue, how should you respond?

All too often, Christians get so caught up in being right that we forget about sharing the light. We get into heated debates and end up offending or turning people off with our good intentions.

But in His encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus illustrated how to be a “velvet-covered brick”—a person who has deep convictions while wrapping those convictions in genuine compassion. As a result, He not only won the argument, but He also won over the other person without ever compromising His belief in absolute truth. The more we know and reflect the loving compassion of Jesus Christ to others, the more likely we are to influence them to embrace Jesus Christ.

In How to Become A Velvet-Covered Brick, Dr. Robert Jeffress looks at Jesus’s example and shares practical, engaging ways to win people to Jesus Christ. This booklet also includes a simple presentation of the gospel you can use to lead someone to Christ.

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  • Sold in packs of 10
  • Full-color 40-page booklet with large type for easier reading
  • Filled with practical biblical teaching from John 4
  • Sections include, Learn to Win People, Not Arguments, Engage with Opposing Viewpoints, Listen to People’s Stories, Distinguish between Major and Minor Issues, and Reflect the Love of Jesus Christ

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