Massage chair: effective massage at home

All types of massage chairs have several things in common. All of them are equipped with a seat, an ergonomic backrest, and armrests, some modified by footrests. They differ in settings and different price ranges. Some of them are made of leather and polished wood, artificial leather and plastic, or other combinations of fabrics and materials. Genuine leather is more expensive, but it is less wear-resistant, it is more easily exposed to massage rollers, and it wears out very easily. Synthetic leather will be less susceptible to wear from moving components.
The chair, as a rule, "completely reclines" more than 170 degrees, or "partially", by 155 degrees. When choosing a massage chair, it is necessary to take into account the depth of the seat, since it can change the length of the legs, and will not be able to properly perform leg massage.
For example, a person of short stature will be able to use the foot massage function only in an upright position if the depth of the chair is too deep.
There are different levels of intensity, massage speed and a large number of possibilities.
There are several basic types of massage chairs, the usual type of vibration, massage air cushion, and shiatsu. The type of vibration and airbags are softer and more delicate, produce a more relaxing massage, and offer kneading and stretching. Shiatsu or deep tissue massage is more powerful, performs kneading, stretching, tapping, shock pressing, imitates pressure on the muscles with fingers. This type of massage may be too painful if the muscles are too tense or you have such a physical condition that makes you sensitive to shiatsu massage. A gasket is often used to soften the massage. In some models of armchairs, infrared radiation is available, the generated heat perfectly relaxes the muscles of the body and allows the pores to open. Another design is the effect of weightlessness, a chair that raises legs above the body to establish a balance between the upper and lower body.
The best chairs have four to six rollers, while the other has only 2 rollers in the mechanism of the massage chair. More complex and improved models will also have not only forward, but also reverse movement of the rollers.
The main functions of the massage chair: reduce stress, cope with insomnia, relieve neck pain, relax back muscles, relieve the symptom of heavy legs, stimulate blood circulation, reduce pain.
Choose ergonomic, well-designed chairs to suit your needs. مشاهدة مجانا افلام سكس على موقع الاباحية العربية الجنس