Boldly proclaim God’s Word into Ukraine, Russia, Israel … and beyond

God has given us reason to rejoice — He is opening more broadcast ministry opportunities to reach more people in more nations to point people to the light of the world: Jesus Christ.

An exciting expansion opportunity with the potential to reach millions of people in more than 100 countries who are seeking to know Jesus Christ has been given to us. This opportunity includes one country that I know you’ve been praying for this year: Ukraine

Though this war-torn nation isn’t top-of-mind for most people anymore, and the focus of newscasts and social media posts have moved on in many ways … the situation in Ukraine continues to remain one of tragedy.

Five million Ukrainian citizens are now living abroad as refugees. Another four million have been internally displaced. Many of them have lost their homes, their businesses, and — most tragic of all — spouses, children, parents, siblings, and other loved ones.

And as time has passed on, fear and despair are understandably creeping in. They haven’t experienced peace or contentment at home for many months. The people of Ukraine are hurting and hungry for hope.

Not only are doors open … but hearts are open, too. People are willing — eager — to hear the gospel message as never before! And by translating and airing our Pathway to Victory television programs on the Russian Broadcasting Network (RBN), you and I can reach Ukraine (and many more nations) with the TRUTH of the gospel … the only hope for salvation!

This opportunity goes to the very heart of our work together — to the reason why you support this ministry so faithfully: Piercing the darkness with the light of God’s Word. Today, with our world in such rapid decline, Pathway to Victory is more determined than ever before to influence our culture for Jesus Christ — within our borders, and far beyond.

But we cannot do this without you.

So please — prayerfully consider making a generous gift today.

“We live in a hurting world. So many individuals are lost. Too many believers are discouraged and afraid. Together, we have the opportunity to pierce the darkness with the light of God’s Word — and boldly share the transforming message of Scripture. Now is the time for the next step in our global gospel expansion!

Dr. Robert Jeffress