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Countdown to the Apocalypse 10-Book Group Study Curriculum Set


ISIS. Ebola. Social disorder. Religious persecution. Rampant immorality. Are these the harbingers of the biblical apocalypse, of the end of the world? If they are, what do they mean and when can we expect this to happen? This eye-opening series offers a reasoned look at these “signs” and what Jesus Christ himself meant when he talked about a future so horrendous that no human lives would be spared “unless those days were shortened” (Matthew 24.22).

Price includes priority shipping plus 10 copies of the book and one DVD/MP3 set

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  • 10 copies of the book, Countdown to the Apocalypse
  • 10 copies of the Bible Prophecy Chart
  • 1 DVD video & MP3-format audio disc set PLUS a data CD with print-friendly message notes
  • Price includes priority shipping