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Countdown to the Apocalypse DVD/CD Set and Book


  • Countdown to the Apocalypse DVD set is ideal for your Bible-study group or Sunday School
  • Refreshing and biblically-accurate, Countdown to the Apocalypse provides biblical answers to current events …all the while providing assurance the God is in control
  • DVD set includes a CD with the complete series sermon notes and study questions, formatted for printing
  • The DVD teaching set includes all sermons aired on TV, including longer versions of sermons that had to be cut for time
  • Audio CD contains MP3 formatted messages in their original, edited format

Christians persecuted around the world and America. Immorality running rampant. Sometimes it feels like “the apocalypse” is right in my neighborhood. Every day, we see Christians are in the crosshairs and no one seems to care. Are these harbingers of things to come? Why does this matter to me? And if it does matter, what can I do about it? How should I live today? Countdown to the Apocalypse has the answers. You can’t know the timing, but you can know the times.

  • How today’s headlines fulfill ancient biblical prophecies
  • What the Bible reveals about the future of radical Islam
  • Five events that will precede the return of Christ
  • Why Presidents Bush and Obama are wrong about Islam
  • How the unprecedented persecution of Christians signals the end times