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Choosing The Extraordinary Life hard-cover book


Your roadmap to a life of eternal impact … discover God’s 7 Secrets for Success and Significance

Too many of us settle for a listless life of mundane routine. We long to discover a greater purpose for our lives, but we don’t know how. Dr. Robert Jeffress has an encouraging message for those looking for something more: God not only wants us to enjoy an extraordinary life but has provided a roadmap for doing so.

In this inspiring and motivating book, Dr. Jeffress reveals seven secrets from Elijah that result in a life marked by significance, satisfaction, and success, including

· discovering your unique purpose in life
· waiting on God’s timing
· learning how to handle bad days
· and more

For the overworked parent feeling trapped at home, the businessperson feeling unfulfilled in a stagnant career, the Christian worker ministering in obscurity—for anyone who wonders if there’s more to life—God’s Word reveals seven secrets for experiencing a truly extraordinary life.

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240 page book

Hard-cover edition

“I highly recommend this insightful and practical book for everyone who truly desires an extraordinary life. This may well be Jeffress’s best book yet!”

—Greg Laurie, senior pastor, Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside, California


“Using riveting illustrations from Elijah and modern-day believers, Robert Jeffress will inspire you to aim for the extraordinary life God has planned for you too.”

—James Robison, founder and president, LIFE Outreach International, Fort Worth, Texas

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