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But God… DVD Video and MP3-format audio disc set


In But God… A Study Of The Life Of Joseph, we’re going to study the life of one man who ultimately — not immediately, but ultimately — chose significance over success. Because of that choice, he experienced God’s unending blessings in his life. That man’s name was Joseph. Now, Joseph wasn’t a perfect person. He had some tremendous flaws. But Joseph is a reminder you don’t have to be perfect to be used by God in a significant way. As you read through the life of Joseph, you’ll find that his story answers three important questions …

  • Why does God allow His children to go through difficulty, persecution, and humiliation?
  • Why does God sometimes seem so distant when we need Him the most?
  • If we fail one of God’s major tests in our lives, does He put us on the shelf forever, or can He use us again?

IMPORTANT: Audio discs are MP3-format audio. Please check your audio disc player can playback MP3-format discs before ordering.

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3 DVD Video discs, 2 MP3-format audio discs

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