Four Reasons I’m Grateful to Live in America!

An Attitude of Gratitude:

Four Reasons I’m Grateful to Live in America!

It’s easy to focus on flaws. Wander into any large bookstore out there today, and you’ll come face to face with America’s biggest obsession: self-help!

The same rings true in our culture and nation. While America is far from perfect, and there’s room for improvement, it’s clearly the most blessed nation on earth.

Despite all the negativity in our nation these days, you and I still have so many reasons to be grateful we live in America …

  1. Americans enjoy the most liberty. We enjoy freedoms most other nations can only imagine — most importantly the freedom to live out our faith, to share it with others — even to boldly broadcast God’s Word on radio and TV through platforms like Pathway to Victory!
  2. You can choose your own destiny. It’s called the “American Dream!” Even those who come from the most modest circumstances can achieve great success with hard work and perseverance!
  3. Even the poorest Americans are rich. America’s standard of living is one of the highest in the world, not just for the very wealthy but also for the “regular folks.”
  4. Everyone is valued equally. Despite ongoing struggles with racism and income inequality, most Americans view people as fundamentally the same regardless of wealth and privilege. And America has made larger strides than any other nation on earth to make the system as fair as possible for all her citizens.

And there are so many more. What would you add to the list? I encourage you to take a moment today to think about what America means to you — and thank God for the privilege of living your life … and serving your Creator … in the greatest nation on earth.