How I Study My Bible from Dr. Robert Jeffress

How I Study My Bible from Dr. Robert Jeffress

The Purpose —

Why Study God’s Word?

The Bible is God’s ultimate communication with His people. Most of what you need to know about God’s plan and His desire for your life can be found in Scripture. It is full of precepts and teachings that He wants us to know. And the Bible is packed with practical teaching for your life.

God connects with us through His written Word. When God wanted to reveal His plan for Israel — the Ten Commandments by which they would live —he didn’t appear to Moses in a dream or in a vision. Instead, He wrote those commandments on two stone tablets.

It was His written Word that guided the people of Israel. In Exodus 31:18 when God had finished speaking with Moses on Mount Sinai, He gave him two tablets of testimony written by the finger of God.

Today, the written Word, or the Bible, is still the primary means for discerning God’s direction in our lives. That is why it is so important to make time to study and “listen” to what God is telling us through His Word.