The Shepherds Safety Net by Dr. Robert Jeffress

The Shepherd’s Safety Net

How God Protects Us From Our Mistakes

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From Dr. Robert Jeffress:

Are you—or someone you love—in the process of making a major life decision? With all the changes that have been taking place in our nation and our world, many of us are now confronted with important decisions. You may be faced with a decision about your job, your finances, your health, your education, or a relationship.

Whatever situation you are experiencing, you desperately want to know what God’s will is. You’ve read the Bible. You’ve prayed. You’ve sought wise counsel from other people, and you feel like God is leading you in a specific direction. You’re ready to step out and trust Him, but you have this nagging feeling: What if I’m wrong? What if the sense of direction I have is not God’s leading but my own desires? What if I fail?

I want to assure you that underneath your circumstances, your decisions, and even your mistakes is a safety net called the sovereignty of God.

  1. 28-page booklet with large typeface makes the booklet easier to read
  2. Filled with practical teaching based on biblical principles
  3. Section topics include, What Is God’s Sovereignty?, What Is Our Responsibility?, Benefits of God’s Sovereignty, and Comfort for the Present

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