The Jesus Map

The Jesus Map

A complimentary resource for you from Pathway to Victory!

Trace the life and ministry of Jesus Christ — including 52 key events from His birth in Bethlehem to His ascension on the Mount of Olives.

This unique reference tool will be a wonderful addition to your home library … equipping you with Scripture and biblically-sound, beautifully-illustrated information regarding the path that Jesus walked throughout His lifetime on earth.

  1. An excellent tool for Bible Study teachers and small group leaders!
  2. Convenient and easy-to-understand and fits perfectly into your Bible.
  3. Illustrates 52 key events in the life and path of Jesus with corresponding Scripture.
  4. Filled with beautiful, full color maps of Israel and Jerusalem in the time of Jesus, courtesy of Holman Bible Publishers and the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary.

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