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Pledge for America

  •   I believe that America was founded as a Christian nation on biblical principles by the blessing of God.
  •   I believe that our nation has strayed from those principles and is in moral decline.
  •   I believe that it is critical that Christians stand for their beliefs and shine the light of Jesus Christ in these darkening days.
  •   I believe that God has the power and the desire to bring spiritual refreshment to our country and wants to use His people to do so.
  •   I pledge to speak up for what is right and be a voice of righteousness in our culture.
  •   I pledge to pray for revival in our nation and spiritual awakening in God’s Church.
  •   I pledge to live in accordance with the Bible, without compromise or apology.
  •   I pledge to do all I can to keep this statement true: America is a Christian nation.

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