What’s God’s will for your life? Are you living it?

Tough questions, I know. But here’s what’s even tougher: not knowing. Always asking, wondering, with no clear answer or direction.

God did not place you on this earth to waste away your years in labor that doesn’t utilize His unique design for you or His purposes for your life, no matter how much you are getting paid to do it. 

Now that’s a bold statement to make — but I’m confident that God’s got a wonderful plan for your life … a vision for you that exceeds far more than just eking out a living or surviving the day-to-day. Many times, it is through our own interests — our gifts — that we discover and develop a deeper relationship with God. He is working within you to give you the power and the will to live your dreams. I even have a simple formula for you to discover God’s plan for your life:

Need + Passion + Opportunity = God’s Calling for you

I want to help you start the journey to make your dreams a reality! Without a doubt, the best place to begin your journey to fulfillment is in the pages of God’s Word.

The Book of Nehemiah tells the story of a man on a mission to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah undertakes this grand construction project with one ultimate goal at heart: to restore Jerusalem in the eyes of Israel’s enemies and bring glory to God.

Rebuilding the wall was God’s calling for Nehemiah. What’s yours?

Nehemiah makes it look simple, but you and I know there’s a difference between dreaming a dream and actually fulfilling it. It’s one thing to know what you’d like to accomplish in life — another thing entirely to actually turn your dreams, no matter what they are, into reality.

So what’s the difference between clarifying your dreams and fulfilling them? In a word: execution … the art of getting things done.

Now here’s an important point: if you’re going to succeed in any effort that you believe God is leading you to do, it is imperative to know God’s way of accomplishing your goal. You and I must follow God’s wisdom for accomplishing our dreams for His glory.

Nehemiah masterfully shows us FIVE steps for the execution of any dream you have today:

  • Step number one: Investigate. The operative words here are “plan it.” Know exactly what you want to do, why you want to do it, and how you plan to put your dream to action.
  • Step number two: Announce. Notice that this point isn’t first! Let people in on what you believe God is calling you to do and cast the vision in an inspirational way that causes people to want to respond.
  • Step number three: Defend. It doesn’t matter what your goal is in life … know that someone will oppose it! You’re going to have to be determined enough to move forward with your plan in spite of criticism.

The remaining two steps you must take for the execution of any dream you have today — plus HOW to discover God’s purpose for your life and practical ways to turn your dreams into reality — are available to you right now in an outstanding resource set I’ve prepared called Quick-Start Your Dreams.

There is no question that people today need the promise and peace, direction and power found in God’s Word. We’re taking the dynamic message of the Gospel and applying it to everyday life, so that all can know and understand the Bible and grow deeper into a meaningful relationship with God.