It’s okay to have questions, but you need answers you can trust

How Can I Know?

Answers to Life’s 7 Most Important Questions

If we are honest, every one of us has questions about our faith. We ask ourselves things like: ‘Is the Bible true?’ ‘Why does God allow suffering?’ ‘Am I truly forgiven?’ ‘Will I really go to heaven when I die?’ Dr. Robert Jeffress answers these and other challenging questions facing Christians today. Drawing upon the best research available, How Can I Know presents logical and concise responses that anyone can understand and easily share with others. In an age of information overload, simplicity is essential. Every chapter is filled with illustrations and application that will appeal to the average reader, giving them a renewed hope and reassurance of their faith.


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How Can I Know?

It’s okay to have questions. But you need answers you can trust.
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How Can I Know presents logical and concise responses that anyone can understand and easily share with others. Get your copy now.

Heaven Can’t Wait

In Heaven Can’t Wait, Dr. Jeffress teaches you how to develop and maintain an eternal mindset while confined to the everyday responsibilities and temptations of earthly life.
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Perfect Ending

We may not know when Christ will return, but the Bible offers many details about what the end times look like. Strengthen your biblical knowledge and your spiritual life through this powerful look at the future God promises for every follower of Christ.
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Discover Why Your Eternal Future Matters Today through PErfect Ending by Dr. Robert Jeffress


with Julia Jeffress Sadler

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Pathway to Victory has launched a brand-new program just for you: Unapologetic — with my daughter, Julia Jeffress Sadler.

I’m so excited to share this podcast and video series with you. On this program, Julia uses her training as a licensed professional counselor, her leadership as the Young Women’s Minister at First Baptist Dallas, and her great sense of humor to provide bold truth for a broken world for today’s young women.

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