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Experience God's blessings by living out His most basic instructions

The 10

Drawing deeply from Scripture, Dr. Robert Jeffress refreshes our understanding and appreciation of the Ten Commandments, unpacking what each commandment means and explaining how putting God’s principles into practice will improve our personal lives, our relationships, our churches, our communities, and our nation.

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5 Little Know Truth's About God's Plan for the Future

Mysteries of the End Times

In this brand-new companion book for the series, Final Conquest, Dr. Robert Jeffress answers five frequently asked questions about the end times.

A Verse-by-Verse Study of the Book of Revelation

Final Conquest

In Final Conquest, Dr. Robert Jeffress provides a practical, easy-to-understand commentary of the apostle John’s vision of the future that awaits us and demonstrates how the truth of Christ’s return should impact our lives every day.  

Experience God's blessings by living out His most basic instructions

The 10: How to Live and Love in World That Has Lost Its Way

God wants us to enjoy life, and one way we can experience His blessings is by returning to the Ten Commandments.

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The 10 Encouragement Cards

The 10 Scripture encouragement cards feature each of the 10 Commandments as well as a teaching and encouragement point from Dr. Jeffress.

The Major Characters of the End Times

This full-color, easy-to-follow booklet gives you an overview of the “good and evil” players of the End Times, including:
• The Antichrist and the false prophet
• The harlot of Babylon
• The four horsemen of the apocalypse
• The angels
• The four living creatures
• The twenty-four elders
• The two witnesses
• The bride of Christ

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