Ground your faith in unshakable truth

What Every Christian Should Know

10 Core Beliefs for Standing Strong in a Shifting World

Theology matters. Our foundational beliefs affect every part of our lives, shaping the way we understand and interact with the world around us–a world that is constantly shifting. While changing cultural trends and social upheavals have led to false teachings and shaky ideas about right and wrong, we are called to stand firm on the clear teaching of God’s Word.

In What Every Christian Should Know, Dr. Robert Jeffress equips you to understand ten core doctrines of Christianity so you can be confident that your faith is built on solid ground and stand strong against false teaching. With vivid illustrations, clear explanations, and practical applications for believers today, each chapter illuminates a core belief of the Christian faith, such as God’s Word, the Trinity, angels and demons, sin, salvation, future things, and more. If you . . .

  • long for a deeper relationship with God
  • dare to ask, “Why?”
  • bristle at Christian clichés
  • aren’t sure how to respond to our culture’s shifting ideas of truth
  • desire to help other believers who are struggling with their faith
  • want to know how to talk with unbelievers

. . . this book will give you a biblical foundation upon which you can build a life of authentic faith.

Also available …

  • The complete What Every Christian Should Know series on DVD video and MP3-format audio disc
  • The 112-page companion study guide — perfect for groups or for individual readers

“In 1 Timothy 3:15, Paul refers to the church as the pillar and the support of the truth. Paul is saying the church is the supporting instrument that lifts up the truth of God for a darkening and decaying world. If we— the people of the church—are to be the support, the foundation, the thing that lifts up the truth of God, then we need to know what that truth is.”

— Dr. Robert Jeffress


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