A Fresh Look at a Familiar Story

The Nativity Devotional

How many different ways can you tell the Christmas story? The plot doesn’t change, the characters don’t change. So how do we get something fresh out of the nativity of Christ?

The Nativity Devotional not only provides reflections on Christmas for you, or for you and your spouse to read together — but it also includes a child-friendly version, for you to read with your children or grandchildren as you set up your nativity scene in your home this Christmas.

  • Each devotion focuses on a character in the nativity scene and highlights an important spiritual lesson we can apply to our lives today.
  • With so many in our culture who are ignorant of faith and opposed to Christian belief, these devotions will help open your family’s eyes to the goodness and grace of Christ, shown to us in His willingness to come to earth on our behalf.
  • You will be equipped to be a faithful witness to this truth, ready to give an answer for the hope you have, in this beautiful season, and all the year through.

And, with bundles or three and ten copies available, you can request enough copies for your family or Bible study small group … and receive the original Christmas message, Stop and Smell the Manger, on DVD video and audio CD.

“Becoming a grandfather has impressed upon my heart an urgency to reach the next generation with the life-saving truth of God’s Word — and underscored the utmost importance of raising the children in your life to know and love the Lord. The Nativity Devotional, and the Christmas season, is an excellent place to start.”

— Dr. Robert Jeffress


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