November 2019 Countdown to the Apocalypse

Signs of the End Times

Know — and understand — your future in Christ

What is the world coming to?     Where are we headed historically?    Is anyone in charge?

As we rush headlong into the final days of human history, these practical, hope-filled, biblically-centered prophecy resources have the answers you need to live effectively today with God’s coming Kingdom in mind. In the series, Countdown to the Apocalypse, Dr. Jeffress explains:

  • How today’s headlines fulfill ancient Biblical prophecies
  • What the Bible reveals about the future of radical Islam
  • Five events that will precede the return of Christ
  • Why Presidents Bush and Obama are wrong about Islam
  • How the unprecedented persecution of Christians signals the end times

This timely study of Bible prophecy is filled with wisdom and practical insights on what’s going on in our world, what you can do about it, and how you should live today with the future in mind. When your gift is $75 more, you can also receive the 5-disc teaching set for Countdown to the Apocalypse. The set includes all the messages in their unedited format on DVD and MP3-format audio disc—PLUS a Data CD filled with message notes and study questions in printer-friendly format.

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