May 2017 Unleashed!

More Joy. More Peace. More Victory.

Every Christian possesses the presence of the Holy Spirit.

But are you experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit?

Now, you can!

If any of these statements describe your Christian walk right now …

  • Sunday worship has become more of an endurance contest for you than a meaningful encounter with God.
  • You struggle repeatedly with the same sins.
  • You have difficulty identifying at least three miracles in your life.
  • You find it difficult to consistently read the Bible.
  • When you pray about a difficult situation, deep down you really don’t expect God to do anything.

… then Dr. Jeffress’ book, I Want More! is for you!

This refreshing, Bible-based book designed to help you satisfy you spiritual hunger without embracing the excesses of emotionalism. In I Want More! Dr. Robert Jeffress confronts common misunderstandings about the Holy Spirit, and challenges readers to pursue a fresh way of thinking about–and experiencing–God’s supernatural power.

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