From the desk of Dr. Robert Jeffress

Letters of Hope

This book is personal. It consists of five letters written from my heart to yours, based on solid biblical teaching on topics that will help you in your Christian life and fill you with hope for the months and years ahead.

Each chapter is based on the promises of God’s Word and designed to give you hope in the most desperate situations and encouragement you as you navigate life.

The chapters letter subjects are:

  1. Hope for My Friend Who Is Fearful
  2. Hope for My Friend Who Struggles with Doubt
  3. Hope for My Friend Who Feels Anxious
  4. Hope for My Friend in Difficult Circumstances
  5. Hope for My Friend Who Needs Heavenly Perspective

This volume will be a cherished resource, one you will turn to again and again, as you seek to live a godly life in this godless world!

“Maintaining our hope can be a day-by-day and sometimes a moment-by-moment battle. But I have found that God’s Word gives us hope even in what seem like the most desperate situations. I pray that these letters will help you in your Christian life and equip you to minister to others as you rest in the secure hope that is found in Jesus Christ.”

— Dr. Robert Jeffress


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