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America is a Christian Nation book and the DVD companion message.

Many concerning changes have taken place in our nation and around the world in recent years, including legalized same-sex marriages, altered views of gender, and a dramatic escalation of anti-Christian socialism. It’s increasingly clear that America has strayed far from its biblical foundation.

However, if you listen long enough to organizations like the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union, you will come to believe that America was founded by men with a wide diversity of religious beliefs who were united by one dream: a secular nation devoid of any religious — especially Christian — influence.

The founders’ goal, we often hear, was to build an unscalable wall that would protect this country from any religious influence seeping into public life. That version of American history belongs in the same category as the story of George Washington chopping down a cherry tree — it is a complete myth.

In reality, the United States was founded predominantly by Christians who wanted to build a Christian nation on the foundation of God’s will. Furthermore, these men believed that the future success of our country depended upon our fidelity to Christian beliefs.

That’s why I can say without hesitation or apology that America was founded as a Christian nation, and our future success depends upon our country returning to our biblical foundation and being faithful to the eternal truths of God’s Word. Let me share what I’ve discovered with you in the pages of my brand-new, ministry exclusive gift book, America is a Christian Nation.

This beautiful, full-color book — filled with inspiration from history and stunning imagery of our great nation — is my gift to you today to thank you for your generous support of Pathway to Victory. I will also send you the accompanying message on DVD.