Remove the obstacles that stand between you and God's best


Your mountain looms before you. But fear not—though you will encounter many challenges in life that threaten to defeat you, God meant for you to be invincible! Every mountain you face is merely a molehill to the Mountain Mover who has the blessed life waiting for you on the other side.

As we walk through life, the way will not always be easy and well-marked. In fact, we can expect lots of ups and downs and setbacks along the way. Sometimes we’ll find ourselves face-to-face with a mountain that threatens to stop us in our tracks.

Jesus says we can move these mountains—but how? 
In Invincible, Dr. Robert Jeffress helps us identify and defeat the mountains that threaten to keep us from experiencing a blessed life. Offering biblical insight and practical tools, Dr. Jeffress shows us how to move from

  • doubt to faith
  • guilt to repentance
  • anxiety to peace
  • discouragement to hope
  • fear to courage
  • bitterness to forgiveness
  • materialism to contentment
  • loneliness to companionship
  • lust to purity
  • grief to acceptance

Such obstacles can seem insurmountable. Yet with God we are invincible. When we put our faith in God and rely on His power, praying according to His will, He will enable us to move the mountains in our lives.

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