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Final Conquest

A verse-by-verse study of Revelation

Final Conquest explains the complex and often confusing verses found in Revelation in a way that anyone can understand … and makes the timely and important teaching in Revelation practical and applicable to your life today.

The book features a verse-by-verse exploration of the events that will culminate with the return of Jesus Christ. You will discover the many signs and symbols used throughout the book of Revelation, the theme of persecution, and the glorious unveiling of the person of Jesus Christ.

Let us send you this timely book with thanks our thanks for your generous support of Pathway to Victory—and we will include a bonus gift—the 32-page booklet, Bible Prophecy Made Simple.

And, for your very generous gift of $125 or more, we’ll include the complete 28-message teaching series, Final Conquest, on DVD/MP3-format audio disc, along with the series commentary, Final Conquest. This is Dr. Jeffress’ verse-by-verse study of the book of Revelation. This teaching series provides biblical answers you can trust about the apostle John’s apocryphal vision of the end times — and helps reassure believers about the second coming of Jesus Christ!

“I’ve found that Christians are often intimidated by the book of Revelation. The sensational imagery John uses feels foreign to us. And yet, these spectacular moments in Revelation give us a rare glimpse of Jesus and ‘the kingdom of our God.’ It is essential that we have a grasp on this final book in the Bible and the warnings we receive about the last days. I highly recommend that you become a student of the final conquest of God … and how this biblical account impacts your life today.”

— Dr. Robert Jeffress


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