Discover valuable lessons from Joseph’s life story that are applicable to your life and faith today.


In this book and teaching series, we’re going to study the life of one man who ultimately — not immediately, but ultimately — chose significance over success. Because of that choice, he experienced God’s unending blessings in his life. That man’s name was Joseph. Now, Joseph wasn’t a perfect person. He had some tremendous flaws. But Joseph is a reminder you don’t have to be perfect to be used by God in a significant way. As you read through the life of Joseph, you’ll find that his story answers three important questions …

  1. Why does God allow His children to go through difficulty, persecution, and humiliation?
  2. Why does God sometimes seem so distant when we need Him the most?
  3. If we fail one of God’s major tests in our lives, does He put us on the shelf forever, or can He use us again?
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