It’s what you can’t see that can hurt you.

Live victoriously in the unshakable power of God with The Divine Defense by Dr. Robert Jeffress.

We see the fallout all around us: wars and rumors of wars — pressing financial instability — cultural chaos over abortion, religious freedom, and gender identity — broken marriages, families, and churches. These are symptoms of spiritual warfare. Not only is the war being waged around us, but it’s going on in our hearts as well. Every Christian is a walking battlefield. In fact, as long as we are upon this earth, we are in the arena of war.

Sometimes the darkness of this world makes it appear that evil is winning over good — but be encouraged:

  • There is no alternate ending in the Bible where the devil wins … not in politics, not in this economy, not in your personal battles.
  • The end has been written: God will ultimately triumph over Satan.

In the meantime, I want to help you navigate these extraordinary times. God has provided you with the spiritual equipment you need to keep moving forward, in the midst of the battle. To thank you for generous contribution to Pathway to Victory, I want to send you a special gift, which I have personally prepared for you: my best-selling book, The Divine Defense.

Using God’s powerful, practical Word, I will help you recognize and apply six practical strategies you can use every day to move forward in faith, defeat Satan’s destructive plan — and strengthen your resolve to resist along the way. The Divine Defense provides a biblical and balanced approach to dealing with Satan and discovering daily victory in Jesus Christ. At the same time, it answers some of your tough questions about the Prince of Darkness, demons, heaven and hell … and includes thought-provoking, discussion-oriented questions for personal study, or to help motivate your family or small-group sessions.

  • Plus, the included “Equipped for Battle” brochure offers you seven keys to spiritual success — it’s a handy resource to keep in your desk at work or in your Bible … a great reminder of your power to win whatever battle is confronting you today.
  • And because your support is so meaningful to me and to this ministry, I will also include the companion teaching series, in its entirety, to thank you for your donation of $75 or more: it’s a comprehensive and inspiring 20-message collection on DVD video and MP3-format audio disc set!

If you know someone who is struggling today — someone who’s overcome by the times in which we are living or can’t break free from the burdens they face — prayerfully consider sharing this tremendous series with them.

Praise for The Divine Defense

“In The Divine Defense, Robert Jeffress equips the believer with a clear and practical battle strategy for the ideals we hold sacred. I highly recommend this latest from one of Christianity’s leading pastor-teachers.”
Dr. Ed Young, pastor, Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas


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