Brand-New for 2021

The Pathway to Victory Daily Devotional

PLUS the ministry-exclusive resources, The Parables Of Jesus, and the DVD/MP3-format audio disc series, Jesus’ Favorite Stories

In appreciation for your generous Matching Challenge contribution, it’s my privilege to send you our just-released, exclusive resource — the 2021 Pathway to Victory Daily Devotional.

This devotional is thoughtfully organized to guide you week by week throughout 2021.

  • From New Year’s Day to Easter, we’ll explore how to live an extraordinary life in service to God.
  • As spring turns to summer, we’ll look to God to shape our attitudes and choices.
  • Moving into the fall, we’ll study and gain deeper knowledge about why Jesus is the only true path to salvation.

PLUS, you will also receive the The Parables of Jesus brochure. This resource highlights 17 parables taught by Jesus … offering you the who, what, when, and why behind these great stories … with practical life application. It is brightly colored and folds to fit in your Bible or to use as a bookmark in your copy of the 2021 daily devotional!

As you give $100 or more, I will send you the brand-new 2021 devotional, the brochure, and the powerful DVD/MP3-formatted audio disc set, Jesus’ Favorite Stories. This series explores the awesome parables of Jesus, drawing out practical and challenging applications to guide you, as a believer, in your walk with Christ.

“This beautiful, leather-bound devotional is filled with 262 enriching devotionals, each one perfect for your morning or evening Bible study and prayer time, Monday-Friday, 52 weeks of the year.”

— Dr. Robert Jeffress


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and request the brand-new 2021 Pathway to Victory Daily Devotional and The Parables of Jesus brochure.

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I would like to give $100

and request the 2021 Pathway to Victory Daily Devotional, the Parables Of Jesus brochure, and Jesus Favorite Stories on DVD video and MP3-format audio disc.

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and request three copies of the 2021 Pathway to Victory Daily Devotional, the brochure, The Parables Of Jesus, and Jesus’ Favorite Stories on DVD/MP3-format audio disc.

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and request 10 copies of the 2021 Pathway to Victory Daily Devotional.

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