God Has the Power to Accomplish His Plan for Your Life

God Has the Power to Accomplish His Plan for Your Life

I know that You can do all things, and that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.
—Job 42:2

God not only has a plan for your life, but He also has the power to accomplish His plan.

Perhaps you believe in an all-powerful God who rules over the universe. You accept that God has a detailed plan encompassing every part of your life. But you wonder, “Don’t we, other people, or Satan occasionally do things that alter God’s preferred plan for our lives?” That question has led some people to believe that God actually has two wills.

I’ve heard people say, “God has a perfect will, but He also has a permissive will.” In other words, God has a plan A, but He also has a plan B if things don’t work out. When I ask these people for examples of God’s perfect will, they say, “Well, that’s what God really would like to happen, but His permissive will is what actually happens. God hates earthquakes, tsunamis, mass shootings, and moral failures as much as we do. He would love to prevent them, but the laws of nature or man’s free will keep Him from intervening. So these tragedies are part of God’s permissive will, but they are not His perfect will.” God’s permissive will is like His plan B.

Does Scripture teach that God has two wills? Let’s look at Ephesians 1:11. In this verse Paul writes, “We have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to His purpose who works all things after the counsel of His will.”

Notice that God’s will is singular. Paul didn’t say “His wills”–plural. God has one perfect plan for His universe. We can’t know what that is, but God has a secret plan that governs everything that happens in His universe.

God’s master plan for the universe was big enough to include:

  • The fall of Lucifer from heaven
  • Adam and Eve’s sin in the garden
  • Israel’s rebellion
  • The torture and the murder of His own Son, Jesus Christ

God has one plan, and it is going to get done. Even when we can’t see God’s plan after a personal failure or during a blizzard of calamities, He does have a plan. God is the one Sovereign in the universe, and His plan will ultimately be accomplished.


Today’s devotion is excerpted from “Although the Script’s Been Written, You Can Still Improvise” by Dr. Robert Jeffress, 2016.

Scripture quotations are taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE®, Copyright © 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.