Commentary on Dobbs SCOTUS Decision

from Dr. Robert Jeffress

This week’s Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is the greatest judicial reversal since Brown v. Board of Education overturned racial segregation in schools. This is not primarily a victory for Republicans or conservatives. It is a resounding victory for millions of yet-to-be-born children who will now get to live out their God-ordained lives. Today’s ruling is a sober reminder of the fifty years of havoc that Roe v. Wade left in its wake. Sixty-three million children have been murdered in the womb since 1973. Without question, abortion has been the single greatest moral stain on our nation in our history.

As momentous as the ruling in Dobbs is, however, we need to remember that this is not an outright national ban on abortion. By overturning Roe v. Wade, the Court has simply returned the authority to regulate abortion back to the state level. There will be an intense battle waged in all fifty states over this hot-button issue. The pro-life cause has won an important battle, but the war is far from over. Those who value life cannot afford to become weary in well-doing.

The overturn of Roe is also an affirmation of the right and responsibility of Christians to get involved in the political process. There is only one reason Roe was overturned: in 2016, conservative Christians worked together to elect Donald Trump, and President Trump kept his promise to appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court. Had Hillary Clinton been elected—as some Christians hoped would happen—Roe would still be the law of the land today.

This week’s historic ruling is a reminder that elections have consequences. Elected leaders determine policies that can influence the moral and spiritual direction of a country. In the 1940s, German Christians (with only a few exceptions) remained silent as Adolf Hitler rose to power and murdered six million Jewish people. Thankfully, Christians in our country have refused to remain silent about the holocaust of unborn children. Together, they effected a leadership change that in turn resulted in a policy change that will save millions of lives.

Jesus called Christians to be both salt and light in Matthew 5. In Jesus’s day, salt was a preservative. While it couldn’t prevent the decay of meat, it could delay the decay of meat. Similarly, Jesus left His disciples here on earth to delay the cultural and moral rot in our society so that we could have more time to present the hope and forgiveness Christ offers all people.

But for salt to do its preserving work, it has to get out of the saltshaker and penetrate the meat. Thankfully, millions of Christians got out of the pews and penetrated the political world, resulting in this week’s historic Supreme Court ruling. Just as Christians led the way in the abolition of slavery and the fight for civil rights, Christians of this generation have been instrumental in protecting our most basic right of all: the right to life.